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Outlook 2010 Recovery
Outlook 2010 Recovery
Outlook 2010 Recovery
Outlook 2010 Recovery
Outlook 2010 Recovery

Get rid of Outlook 2010 error Synchronizing Folder!

Outlook 2010 user while sending mails to other recipient might have suffered Outlook folder sync issues. The problem arises with unknown error triggering over the screen and therefore as the outcome the mails sending request is failed. The moment error comes up there might several questions raised in user mind as how and why the error is popping up and the most important point is how to stop the error and fix the problem. One of the major issue during mails sending observed is Outlook 2010 error synchronizing folder. Windows operating system user have frequently experienced 0x80004005 error triggering on the screen while mails sending procedure takes place. Actually it is the Norton antivirus application that is generating the error that is blocking the scripts execution that runs during the mails sending procedure and along with that it also affects Outlook 2010 functions a lot and therefore it also corrupts Outlook pst file on large basis.

Outlook 2010 sync error results following abrupt symptoms those are stated below:-

  • While opening new mails or messages Outlook 2010 says 'operation failed'.
  • Frequent appearance of 0x800ccc0e or 0x800ccc0d error pops up on the screen during mails sending.

How to solve it:-

Apart from Norton antivirus influence there are other reason that does result outlook 2010 error synchronizing folder those are as below:-

  • Outlook account is not set properly.
  • Outlook pst file corrupt.
  • Failure of Outlook Exchange server.
  • Poor Internet connection.

User looking to resolve the error must verify the account settings in order check if the outlook account is set properly or not. Further mails sending failure is also encountered because of slow Internet connection resulting into such issue. Hence it will be better sending mail while the Internet connectivity gets better.

In case if it is corrupt pst file issue is the major problem then user can take the help of inbox repair tool in order to fix corrupt pst file problem. The tool is featured with excellent repair mechanism that scans corrupt pst file, looks for the issue and then fix the corrupt pst file with its instant repair feature. In case if inbox repair tool does not fix the problem then it is probably the chances of severe corrupt pst file hence it is suggested to use Outlook 2010 repair application.

Outlook corruption is possible to be resolved using inbox repair tool. The tool comes free with the MS Office so run this tool and fix Outlook pst corruption. If the fix doesn't work and error still pops up then go for Outlook pst repair application so as to repair Outlook pst corruption issue along with recovery of all Outlook folders including contacts, mails, attachments, tasks, etc.

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