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Outlook 2010 Recovery
Outlook 2010 Recovery
Outlook 2010 Recovery
Outlook 2010 Recovery
Outlook 2010 Recovery

Outlook 2010 Disconnected from Exchange Server! Learn to Resolve

As you know that Microsoft Exchange Server acts like a local server and releases those functions of Outlook 2010 that lets you compose and send electronic mails or other messages while being offline or online. For that all you need is an exchange server email account and get started. Mainly, an exchange server account is used by professionals in big organizations where one has to compose, send a lot of messages along the workstations. But sometimes, a user faces problem in which the connection between Outlook and the server gets disconnected. This Outlook 2010 disconnected from exchange server problem further creates more nuisances like inaccessibility to the emails, mails syncing issues or the mailbox going offline.

There is not a specific cause to such a problem that occurs within Outlook and exchange server. One one hand it can happen due to some internal mailbox settings issues while on the other hand it can also happen due to some problems with the existing current Outlook profile. Talking about the later one, generally if you use the cache exchange mode, the chances of corruption are very high. In such a case, a profile and all its settings become gets damaged or corrupted due to which Outlook 2010 goes disconnected all the while.

Outlook 2010 disconnected from Exchange Server: Solution

Solution to this very issue lies in the fact that you would have to consider creating a new profile that is you will have to start from the scratch. For this just delete the existing Outlook exchange profile and then create a new and fresh one. After you are done with this, roam to the %APPDATA% folder and wipe out and flush off the files present there. This makes or forces the Outlook 2010 to again create all those files you wiped out now that are totally corruption free.

This problem also occurs when there are several connections open to a server. A loaded server begins to drop down or in simple words gets slow down and drops the number of connections due to which Outlook gets disconnected often. An easy solution for this is to avoid receiving or sending emails manually while using exchange. When a email will arrive on the server it gets automatically received in the Outlook as well.

But sometimes, the situation is something more than what meets the eye. Sometimes, the face of corruption of Outlook is much more severe that even adopting the above solution doesn't solves the problem. At such circumstances, data loss scenarios starts arising up. If you don't have a backup, you are certain to lose your data like emails. To recover lost data, an easy solution is to download third party Outlook 2010 recovery tool. It can not only repair and flush Outlook 2010 disconnected from Exchange server problem but recover all the lost emails and files in Outlook.

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